Executive Committee Meeting AGENDAGo to minutes

August 25, 2004


1††††††††† Problems/Concerns/Questions in the first few days.

2.†††††††† Evaluations from Past Meetings

3.†††††††† Mission Clarification/WASC Jr. v. WASC Sr./Bac Strategic Action Implementation Plan

4.†††††††† IPEDS/NCHEMS/Peer Institution Criteria Discussion

5. ††††††† Website Update

6. ††††††† Kaahumanu Shopping Center Storefront Availability

7. ††††††† Enrollment/Tuition Revenue

9.†††††††† Master Gardener Project

10.††††††† Bill McDonough on Sept 1

11.††††††† Updates: Reorganization

12. †††††† Status: Farmers' Market, Drive-In Theater, Swap Meet

13. †††††† Other Items


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


Present:†† Kate Acks, Pat Adams, Scott Broadbent, Margaret Christensen, Kathryn Fletcher, Robyn Klein, Diane Meyer, Jeannie Pezzoli, Frances Segundo, Jill Fitzpatrick, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Dorothy Tolliver



Problems/Concerns/Questions in the first few days

Clyde requested that a tickler be put on the Unit Chairsí calendars to have someone check supplies in classrooms two weeks prior to the beginning of classes.


It was noted that there was no representation from the non-credit program at the meeting.


Alvin reported that Suzette is dealing with the scheduling problems that have lead to the over-enrollment of OAT Classes.The problem is an input issue.


Diane suggested posting signs in the Hale classrooms advising lecturers to close the doors if their air conditioner is running.Kathryn will inform those who have classes in the Hales.Clyde asked members to look at the cost effectiveness of installing sensors that will shut off the a/c unit if the door is opened.


Evaluation from Past Meetings

Based on the evaluations of he Executive Committee meetings, three areas of concern noted are the quality of dialogue,response to WASC Guidelines (focus on our Mission etc.), and the use of data.Members were asked to bring it to Clydeís attention any areas which they feel need improvement.


Mission Clarification

Clyde reported meeting with the President and Chancellor Peter Englert from Manoa, Rose Tseng from UH Hilo, Linda Johnsrud from West Oahu and Ramsey Pedersen from Honolulu Community College to discuss Mission Clarification which will relate to what the future relationship with WASC will look like.Peter is looking at West Oahu, UH Hilo and MCC to fulfill the role of a California State University environment.


WASC Jr. v. WASC Sr. / Baccalaureate Strategic Action Implementation Plan

Next year we will be in a position of paying dues to both WASC Jr. and WASC Sr.We are looking into possibly paying only a portion of the WASC Sr. dues because we only have one program.Combined cost could be $15,000.$5,000 has already been paid for eligibility application.It was discussed at the Implementation Committee Meeting earlier that how faculty members feel will determine how we will be proceeding.


The Baccalaurean Implementation Action Planning Committee will be meeting with David Grooms to get ABIT offthe ground.We will be looking to that committee to recommend to the Institution where we should be headed.


The Chamber of Commerce, Mayorís Economic Summit, MEDB and Focus Maui Nui generated documents which indicated that they would like to see the college move towards adding more Baccalaureate Degrees and becoming a four year institution.We will continue our commitment to our two-year Associate Degree programs and discuss where we want to head.A team will be going down to the WASC Jr. Commissionsí Meeting on September 14th to learn whatís required in 2006.


IPEDS/NCHEMS/ Peer Institution Criteria Discussion

Jeannie reported input comes from Cheryl Chappell-Long.Clyde reported the IPEDS data and the peer institutional information are being used by Dennis Jones at NCHEMS to indicate what our comparative needs may be relative to resources from the state and tuitions within the peer context.The Admin Committee came up with areas to look at in terms of criteria for NCHEMS to select peer institutions.Linda Johnsrud was asked to find out what criteria NCHEMS used initially to select the peer institutions.


Clyde asked the committee members for ideas on what types of criteria we should be looking at in terms of peer institutions and how we can guide NCHEMS to create a fair evaluation of what kinds of characteristics our peer institutions may need to have in order to judge resources coming to us.NCHEMS comparison is done nationally.


Discussion was held regarding the data that was reported for tuition costs.It seemed that the amount was rather high as compared to what it really is.Clyde recommended we wait for the feedback to find out more on what components may be reflecting.



Margaret reported that John Dunnicliffe and Chris Speere will be helping with the set up of servers.The e-commerce and database servers are on order and we are waiting for them to come in.Margaret reported turning her old ABIT computer into a temporary server and has a database waiting to be uploaded.Clyde suggested that we have a strong, responsive web environment because of student recruitment via the web.The funding for this project may come from the facilitating services funds or RDP funds.†† It was also reported that the webmaster will be self-supporting as a result of non-resident student tuition.Advertising could be a component.There are concerns regarding what kinds of advertisements would be appropriate on an institutional website.Members were asked if they had any ideas on what kind of criteria should be used to look at what advertisements would be appropriate.



Suzette will be bringing the people together on this project.Whatever the college produces or provides such as agriculture, fashion tech, culinary food and jams, resume services can be marketed through the store.Re-sales such as the bookstores are not permitted.Clyde asked members to find out if the old tech center has web access.



Alvin reported enrollment is at 2,943.A purge of approximately 10 students will be done next week.Clyde suggested eliminating the wait-list and having students pay to save a space in a class.†† It was noted that we need to find out how many students are enrolling via the portal and how many are enrolling on campus.Ideally we want students to enroll via the internet.Alvin reported there is a work order in to the computing center to work on computers that have been specifically set aside for this reason.Frances reported students are unable to access My Portal because of username issues that are the result of students who have not been assigned a student id number.Clyde made it a priority to resolve this situation.



The master gardener site will be used in part for a leg for student housing eventually or for student housing itself.It has been discussed with CITHAR have master gardeners take over different areas around the buildings on campus.Our grounds crew will handle all the major big common areas.Clyde asked members to look for ideas on how to give incentives to master gardeners to care for the landscaping around the facilities.Some suggestions were to give discounts at the Class Act Restaurant and access to non-credit classes on a space available basis.



Clyde informed members that Bill McDonough is responsible for looking at environmental concerns connected with economic bottom line considerations.Bill was able to create an office furniture and carpet manufacturing company that takes in water and outputs water that is cleaner than the water coming in.Heís been so successful in design that Ford Motor Company has hired him to build the factories of the future.We have access to Bill through David Cole and he will be visiting Maui.Clyde asked if anyone was interested in the area of preserving the environment and finding an economic solution for where Mauiís people will be working and sustaining themselves to engage in conversation with Bill on September 1st at 5:30pm in Pa`ina.



Concern was expressed over the cost of reorganization.†† Reorganization strategy needs to be justified before the Board of Regents and everything needs to be worked out in terms of additional administrative costs.If there are any additional costs it will be closely supervised.



A proposal will be presented for the farmersí market.


The drive-in theater contract has been forwarded and that will be happening mid September or early October. Student Government will be hosting their Friday Night Flick.


We will be meeting with Wil Wong regarding the swap meet.



  1. Clyde reported that Shannon Kaahanui was recruited to HPU.
  2. Patricia Duckworth is doing a fundraising play at Iao Theater for Women Helping Women and AIDS.
  3. Student housing timeline was handed out by Clyde.
  4. Deadline for response for Mental Health Conference being held on October 29th is August 31st.