Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA              go to minutes

Friday,  October 28, 2005 8:30am KaLama 102


Meeting Maintenance: review of feedback; positive observation and arena for improvement

1.                   Finalize Program Review Summary Draft

2.                   Evaluation of program review process by the Executive Committee  (Suzette Robinson)

3.                   Academic Senate Matters

4.                   Taking Stock Going Forward

5.                   Lahaina Ed Center: Mid December Opening Ceremony

6.                   Banner Reports and Banner Position Support

7.                   Governor’s Visit: 4pm Friday

8.                   Other Items


 Executive Committee Meeting

Friday October 28, 2005

8:30 am, Ka Lama 102


Attendees:     Pat Adams, Pam Hoopii, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Kiope Raymond, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, David Tamanaha


Akaku:  Discussion was held on status of Akaku.

Meeting Maintenance:  review of feedback; positive observation and arena for improvement.

Positive comments:

ü      Staying focused.  May want to set goals for meeting.  Mention and remind of goals set throughout the meeting.

ü      The length we spent on program review was a good thing. Want EC participants to understand how our mission and strategic plan relate to agenda items and decisions. 

ü      Structure clearer.


ü      Scores between 4-3 on 5-1 scale suggests that some participants may not understand WASC relationship.  More time should be made available for dialogue.

ü      Individuals may want to familiarize themselves with the topic.         

ü      Definitions of Meeting Evaluation sheet questioned.  Participants should be re-oriented to some of meeting goals and guidelines.

ü      Minutes from meetings need to be distributed on a more timely basis.

ü      Lengthy agenda should be divided into action and updates.

ü      Time should be set for discussion and decisions.


ü      We should separate ongoing items that need to be reviewed to a different part of the meeting.  Action item discussions sometimes go astray

ü      Should indicate who will be responsible for each action item.

ü      Need to stay focused, stay in time frame and encourage relevant comments.

ü      State the purpose and process for the meeting.


Use data, dialogue, decision framework to guide discussions as well as address WASC expectations.  WASC is looking for a process in which the campus decisions are based on data and analysis and coincide with our mission and what we say is important in our strategic action plans. 


Finalize Program Review Summary Draft:

Each major program (administrative services, instruction and student services) summarized its program review results and provided a list of budget priorities.  Draft of the 2005-06 budget priorities was discussed.  Further discussion will be held at the next meeting.


2006 Supplemental Budget Priorities

1st priority:  Electricity

2nd:  WASC Program Review Process

3rd:  Workforce Development (Bio Tech, Early Childhood Education, Oral Health programs)

4th:  Hawaiian Studies


Evaluation of program review process by the Executive Committee (Suzette)

Process may be modified and refined as a result of assessing the past year’s experience with the process.


Academic Senate (Dan Kruse)

Dan Kruse distributed copies of two Academic Senate Resolutions from their October 2005 Business Meeting.


Taking Stock Going Forward

Linda Johnsrud is requesting information for the Second Decade plan.  Some of the information that is being requested will include community colleges’  “stock- taking” presentations and eight-year budget plans.


Lahaina Ed Center:  Mid December Opening Ceremony

Keoki Raymond – Lahaina Ed Center will be opening mid-December.  A West Maui Advisory Committee will be set up and people are needed to join. Submit names to Clyde by next Wednesday.


Banner Reports and Banner Position Support

Kris Shibano will be assigned to Banner in exchange for Banner staff responding to MCC’s need for timely and regular reports.   All suggestions for reports related to students, programs, institutional, and other information should be submitted to Clyde or Colleen by November 9.  Jeannie will also be requested to list reports commonly and regularly required.


Governor’s Visit: 4:00pm Friday

Governor Linda Lingle will be visiting our campus today at 4:00pm in Pa`ina.


Other Items

Question: Is the Lahaina Ed Center’s equipment already purchased for HITS?  Yes, the connectivity equipment is already in the room.  PEG and RDP funds will be used to support additional equipment.


Clyde distributed IPED’s report for Maui Community College. To be discussed next meeting.