Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA              go to minutes

Friday,  February 10, 2006

8:30am, KaLama 102


Data Focus: Jeannie Pezzoli


1)     House Higher Ed Hearing: Finalize Proposals

a)    Supplemental Session Legislative Response and status

i)        Outreach: polycomm, staff, travel

ii)       Alternate Energy

b)    President’s approval

2)     County of Maui Proposal

3)     Second Decade Business Plan

4)     West Maui Education Center Furnishing, Advisory Committee Meeting Date: Feb. 14

5)     Academic Senate Resolutions

6)     Enrollment and TFSF and overall Budget Status

7)     Update of Program Review Summary

8)     HC&S Frontline Supervisor Professional Program

9)     Project Ohana

10) Biennium Budget Timeline

11) Other Items


Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, February 10, 2006

8:30 am, Ka Lama 102


Attendees:     Pat Adams, Sharane Gomes for Suzette Robinson, Dan Kruse, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, flo wiger, Jennifer Yoshioka



1.            Data Review:  Jeannie Pezzoli

Data Dialog on International Student Enrollment.  What are findings?  What to do?

·           Agreement with Ann Wallner:  can begin in a week or two.

·         Recruitment for Fall semester:  in process of responding to inquiries.

·         Regular reports for admin and executive meetings.  Alvin will email admins on how to access help desk to view recruitment information.

·         Jeannie will provide information on graduation rates.


2.            House Higher Ed Hearing:  Finalize Proposals

·         Diane and flo summarized Outreach proposal developed in response to request by Senator Hee.

·         David summarized the photovoltaic proposal for alternative energy developed for Representative Waters.  David will forward copies of the proposal to Executive Committee members.

·         Senator Hee and Representative Waters agreed to include proposals in committee going forward.

·         Proposals have been cleared by Clyde through President and are being routed through our legislative liaison Mike Unebasami.  We have been careful to follow protocol.


3.          County of Maui Proposal

·         Clyde has met with some of the Council members.  He will also give a powerpoint presentation to County Director of Economic Development Lynn-Araki Regan and Managing Director Keith Regan. They will be examining all of the things that MCC does within the County of Maui by districts.

·         Jeannie and RDP folks are assisting with identifying activities within Maui County.  Clyde asked committee members to inform him of any projects that should be included in the proposal.

·         University Center:  Leveraging our partnerships within the system.

          West Oahu Chancellor Gene Awakuni interested in getting faculty on Maui in high demand areas.

          Jon Matsuoka will begin offering Bachelors of Social Work this Fall from Manoa

          Dean Hitz with the College of Education will be placing a position on Maui

          Institute of Astronomy also interested in working with Maui Community College

          Mary Boland, Dean of the School of Nursing, is interested in looking at an AS degree to a Master’s path.  She is expanding the Dental Hygiene program into a shortened 18-month period and is also interested in MCC’s proposal for a Center of Excellence for rural nursing.  This is a potential project that the National Institute for Nursing Research might support.

          We are also including the SLIM project as part of Sustainability.

          Chancellor Advisory Council and Maui Regent have expressed the need for specialization in Accounting.  Karen and Diane and Accounting faculty will develop recommendation on how we should proceed toward Bachelors of Accounting prospect.

          Mark Ramsey who is with IBM is interested in meeting with IT folks to explore what we can develop together.

          There is potential for cultural studies; combination of what we are doing in Hawaiian Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Paulauea Reserve.

          Emphasis on applied research and retention of students.  This will involve Student Services, Counseling and possibly Library support.

          flo will look into credit certification for GIS/ESRI.  flo will also look into the security area, whether it should be lodged under credit or non credit programs.

          flo will check with Nancy Johnson on Allied Health (physical therapy, lab tech, procedural coding).

·         Plans are contingent on what happens with state funding for electricity costs.

·         We have an opportunity to discuss with political candidates what their positions are on supporting higher education.


4.          Second Decade Business Plan

·         Clyde summarized power point presentation which demonstrates what higher education needs might be in the next decade.   We are asking Linda Johnsrud to consider other factors in determining MCC’s needs for the next decade.  Clyde will forward presentation to Executive Committee members. 


·         Clyde has asked Linda Johnsrud for a meeting of our staff with her and her staff.


5.          West Maui Education Center Furnishing, Advisory Committee Meeting

·         West Maui Education Center Advisory meeting on February 14, 2006 at 4:00 p.m. 

·         Dan Regan working on department MOA’s.   

·         Mike Albert is working with Reuben and staff to move equipment from Ka`a`ike to West Maui Ed Center.

·         Steve is in process of ordering computers.

·         Have a Campbell Foundation request for $22,000 to furnish one room including window coverings.


6.          Academic Senate Resolutions

o        Dan reviewed status of Academic Senate Resolutions

o        Proposed Flex Schedule:  brought to Executive Committee

§         Results:  Approved

§         Study group was established to study the situation

§         Classes have been scheduled for next semester; fewer than past semester.  Need to study why enrollments are lower in flex classes and address the issue.   Also need to study based on a control group as to whether or not students perform as well in the flex class.


o        Smart Growth:  brought to Executive Committee

§         The intent of the proposal was to inform the Executive Committee that factors listed in the proposal should be considered as budget decisions are being made.   The proposal did not require Executive Committee Action.


o        Tech Fees:

§         The Board of Regents asked what students felt about the tech fees.   The tech support committee has scheduled an educational meeting with students to inform students of the implications of the tech fees on March 14 at noon in Ka`a`ike 105.  Jennifer Yoshioka will help publicize the meeting to students including Hana, Lanai, Molokai.

§         The resolution suggested that all fees should be looked at and that other fees such as lab fees should be considered for classes that have additional expenses.

§         Clyde asked that the Academic Senate Executive budget committee work with representatives from Student Government and Student Services to give the Executive Committee counsel on all of the implications of fees.


o        Proposal that a record be kept of the movement of unbudgeted positions to budgeted positions and a timetable of when these positions will be reinstated with the advice and consent of the MCC Academic Senate: 

§         Movement is being recorded.  It will be noted in the Executive Committee meeting when funding is available.  The Academic Senate Chair will take information back to Academic Senate.


o        Late Registration Policy, Counseling Proposal, Program Review Policy

§         Academic Senate chair was asked to organize and submit in writing to the Chancellor and Executive Committee review.


o        It was noted that when proposals are being forwarded to the Executive Committee by the Academic Senate the intent should be made clear on whether the proposal is informational, to state the position of the Academic Senate, or to recommend policy development.  All proposals that are scheduled for institutional implementation of policy should be transmitted in writing from the Academic Senate Chair to the Chancellor.  The Chancellor will then bring the proposal to the Executive Committee.  The committee will then know which resolutions are intended for institutional consideration and implementation.


7.                                              Tuition Fees Special Funds and Overall Budget Status

As of the evening of February 9, 2006 the TFSF balance was $1.278.557 million.  Our target is $1.312 million.  We were at $1.245 million last this time last year.


8.                                              Enrollments

David and Alvin are working with Kris Shibano to develop a continuing, reliable system for enrollment updates.   They are also developing a system to show a breakdown of paying, non-resident students.


9.                                              Update on Program Review Summary

flo, Alvin, and David are getting together to look at other positions aside from the 14 that have already been identified.


10.     HC&S Frontline Supervisor Professional Program

HC&S has requested that we consider a Frontline Supervisor Professional Program.  Suzette and flo are working on whether that program will be a credit or non-credit program. 


11.          Project Ohana

·     $387,000 grant received from the Rural Utilities Service is being implemented.  It involves laptops going into remote rural areas that have access to the Sandwich Isle Communication Network that will allow participants to have broadband access for classes as well as telethealth services. 


·     There are about 30 laptops that are going to be available for faculty members.  Janet Six is having a meeting that will make these laptops available and to describe criteria for receiving a laptop.


12.     Biennium Budget Timeline

·         David distributed copies of the MCC Stocktaking Plan Development Schedule and Timelines.  Forms developed by the President were distributed earlier to each administrator.  Administrators will work with their constituents to come up with a first draft of what will be coming up in their respective departments for the next eight years that will potentially impact their operation.  This document will be used in preparing the biennium budget.    David will email timeline to campus.


·         David distributed copies of the FY 2006 CC Special and Revolving Cash Balance Report.  MauiCC instructional and OCET funds are in deficit this year.   In looking at what could have been done to prevent this, it was decided that special and revolving fund budgets will be managed by specific programs.  A freeze on purchasing and future hiring will be placed on programs in the red.  No new programs will be established without working capitol. 


·         David distributed copies of and summarized the Special and Revolving Funds Financial and Fiscal Control Policy.  


·         It was noted that each department should keep an excel spreadsheet of expenditures which should be reconciled with FMIS spreadsheet. 


13.                  Announcements

        Hawaiian Telcom and Maui Phonebook are holding a contest to design the front cover of the new phone book.


DCCA hearing in Pa`ina on February 15.