Executive Committee Meeting

November 30, 2009




I.                    Student Services - Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


A.      Spring Enrollment to date



Fall 09

Last Year



New returning or transfer


Last Year















                                *12th day 1,418


II.                  Administrative Services - Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


A.      Update on Lay-offs and Furloughs


B.      Update on Collective Bargaining


C.      Revenues for Fall 09 and Spring 10


1.       Fall 2009- 3,381,424 23.9% from last year.

2.       Spring 2010 -1,278,371 (majority is debit balance).  53% increase from last year.


D.      Preparation for increased enrollment

1.       Follow-up - Bookstore needs to be notified of increased enrollment Diane and John Mckee


E.       Last day of payment and Purge December 18, 2009

1.       Follow-up - Katie to get the word out that students need to make payments before offices close for winter.


F.       Health Center Open during the break

1.       Follow-up - Katie to remind students to obtain their MMR.


G.     Campus closure over Breaks


1.       DT to remind Lanai and Molokai to limit AC use during break.

2.       Other campuses will be selecting one building to be the alternate work site.

                                                                                       i.      MCC will designate Pilina to be the alternate worksite


III.                Academic Affairs Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


     IV.                Cultural and Natural Resources Management Proposal Next Step

A.      Follow-up - Associate in Technical Studies degree SR looking into it.


V.                  Internal Marketing Activities and Status


VI.                Bellwether Consortium


VII.              Value Added Facility


VIII.            HMSA Data mining project includes IBM supercomputer


IX.                Update on Palauea


X.                  Update on Hale Haumana


XI.                Program Review Priorities Draft


XII.              Netbook Report


XIII.            Obama Initiatives


A.      Educate to Innovate

B.      American Graduation


XIV.            Convocation Preparation