Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

KaLama 102, 8:30am

November 29, 2010


Catching Up After Thanksgiving


UHMC Exec Comm Member Reports:      Concerns around the table


Vice Chancellors’ Brief Reports

                Academic Affairs:            Fall Academic Program and Enrollment Progress: Math Lab Report, Vacancy Ad Preparation,

                Student Affairs:                Spring Enrollments, Student Housing Budget Plan Status, Student Request for Math Support

Administrative Affairs:  Johnson Controls Inc. Proposal, MECO-UHMC status;  Data security; CIP- Science Building, Hawaiian Studies,

Molokai; Chief Information Officer Status


Chancellor Reports:                        UH System Status: Pres. Greenwood/VP Morton/Chair Karr/Vice Chair Hirota on Palauea and other degrees; VP

Morton and VP Johnsrud on Sustainable Sciences and Management

WASC Sr. Meeting with Executive Director Wolff


Other Items:                                      Any other issues that might surface



                BOR Academic Program and Palauea Conservation Preserve Status