Executive Committee

Minutes of the Meeting of Friday, August 12, 2011


1.         Attendance.  The Executive Committee meeting was convened at 8:35 a.m. in Ka Lama 102.  Present were Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto, Vice Chancellor Jose Bernier, Robert Burton, Francine Ching, David Grooms, Kerry Holokai, Freida Harris, Kaleikoa Kaeo, Vice Chancellor John McKee, Diane Meyer, Brian Moto, Karen Muraoka, Allan Pan-Takase, Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, and Elaine Yamashita.


2.         Chancellor’s Office:  Change in E-Mail Procedure.  Chancellor Sakamoto announced that, henceforth, Brian Moto and Colleen Teixeira would be reviewing, and to the extent appropriate and practicable, responding to, all e-mail sent to the Chancellor’s business e-mail address. 


3.         Student Affairs.  Francine Ching reported that Frosh Camp, a two-day interactive program to give new students a headstart, was a success.  Attendance on the first day was 271; second day attendance was 250.  Francine also reported that, during the period April through July, Student Life coordinated sixteen New Student Orientation sessions, two more than last year.  A total of more than 456 students participated.  On August 13, Student Life will host a General Student Orientation, the second one this summer.


4.         Enrollment.  Vice Chancellor Tagomori reported that, as of August 11, 2011, Fall 2011 enrollment was 4,078, up 2% from last year’s enrollment of 3,996.


5.         Administrative Affairs.  Per a recent memorandum from Vice Chancellor Tamanaha, faculty and staff requests for building master keys are now subject to vice chancellor review and approval. 


6.         Academic Affairs.  Vice Chancellor McKee reported on the following matters:

·         The New Faculty Institute, a three-day series of workshops and activities, was successfully completed.  He acknowledged and thanked Joyce Yamada and others who coordinated NFO.  John distributed copies of a new faculty and staff directory and a New Faculty Institute outline of information and resources.

·         Faculty members are using offices newly renovated by the Operations and Maintenance Department.  Vice Chancellor McKee thanked Robert Burton and O&M staff for their hard work. 

·         The program formerly known as VITEC has a new name that is prominently featured in its website and latest catalog of non-credit courses:  “EdVenture”.

·         UHMC’s Hospitality and Tourism program has received its initial accreditation for a seven-year period.

·         Six interns from Shanghai Normal University have arrived on Maui as part of a J-1 visa internship program.

·         Discussions are continuing regarding a possible faculty and student exchange program with Mariano Marcos State University in the Philippines.


7.         Upcoming Events.

·         Convocation will be on Monday, August 15, 2011.  The program will include:  an introduction by Chancellor Sakamoto; recognition of tenure, promotions, retirements, and employment anniversaries; recognition of the Operations and Maintenance Department for renovation work on the Hospitality Academy (old Hale Haumana) and faculty offices; a video lecture by Sir Ken Robinson; and a presentation on the use of social media for marketing and public relations, by Peter Liu.

·         The Board of Regents will meet on campus on Thursday, August 25, 2011.  The Board is expected to discuss proposed tuition increases, among other agenda items.

·         The Launch of the University of Hawaii Maui College will be celebrated on Friday, August 26, 2011.  The Launch planning committee has been meeting and many arrangements have been made for the event.  Also being launched that day are the new Kaiao Student Success Center, with a program that starts at 3:45 p.m., and the Hospitality Academy instructional lab, with tours of a renovated unit.


8.         Administrative Recruitment and Appointments.  Chancellor Sakamoto announced that Ray Tsuchiyama has been appointed the new Director of Institutional Advancement.  He will start Monday, August 15.  Recruitment for the position of Director of Marketing and Community Relations is ongoing.


9.         Community Matters.  Chancellor Sakamoto reported that the Red Cross has inquired as to possible UHMC help in disaster planning and assistance, including participation by UHMC Education Centers and the use of UHMC cable channels for emergency broadcasts.


10.       Academic Senate.  Elaine Yamashita reported that the Academic Senate is considering proposed changes to the Academic Senate Charter.  Additional Academic Senate meetings on the proposed changes are anticipated.


11.       UHCC Innovation Fund Proposals.  Chancellor Sakamoto reported that Vice President John Morton has agreed to proceed with a proposal to fund a pilot UHMC employment placement program.


12.       Information Technology.  Vice Chancellor Jose Bernier reported on the following matters:

·         On September 2, 2011, UHMC will be switching over to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones.  UHMC will be the first campus, other than Mānoa, to install VOIP phones.  The new phones are being delivered to UHMC offices and sites in preparation for the transition.  Training sessions on use of the VOIP phones will be offered, and online training will be available.

·         Oceanic Time Warner Cable has informed UHMC that it is proceeding with the migration from analog Channel 55 to digital Channel 355.  Oceanic has already begun the transition on Oahu.  Oceanic has postponed the transition on Maui till January.  Free digital cable boxes will be provided to students who do not have digital cable service.

·         The Information Technology Department is nearing completion of work to upgrade the Hawaii Interactive Television System (HITS).  IT personnel are traveling to Molokai and Lānai Education Centers to work on the project.


13.       Adjournment.   The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.