February 7, 2005


Attendance:  Scott Broadbent, Steve Holaday, Dorvin Leis, Steve Williams, Leona Wilson, Bill Wong.  Lani Starkey attended from the UH Foundation.


Notetaker:   Marilyn Fornwall


Meeting called to order by Dorvin Leis.  Bill Wong moved to approve minutes and Steve Williams seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved.


Centennial Campaign Priorities: 


The Centennial Campaign is in the (quiet phase) at this time going public hopefully sometime this summer when 40% of the 200 million has been received.  Listed below are campaign priorities:



In addition, Scott has talked to the program directors for specific needs and will put together a list.  Scholarships, Institutional Advancement and new endowed accounts will be other areas targeted for new donations.




Clyde was off island but called in to brief committee members of the accreditation warning.  There are some legal issues in having a community college system and what we have in realty.  Creating a Vice President of Community Colleges is one solution.  Clyde feels reporting directly to the President can more effectively advance MCC,s higher education agenda.


Horizons Committee Plan and Timeline




Charitable Lead Trusts


Lani Starkey from the UH Foundation gave a presentation of Charitable Lead Trusts and answered questions from the Horizons committee members.  He also discussed 2 levels of naming opportunities.


“Go School…No Come Like Me”


Leona and Scott discussed the project – what it is and what has taken place.  She shared her story with the committee of how her education was funded by the GI bill and she went on to become a successful business woman.  Leona wants to target corporations that are supported in Hawaii to fund this project of videos and scholarships, promoting local students to go to school and get an education.  Steve Holiday suggested not targeting just the food companies but trying the beer companies too.  Bill Wong thought the politicians should be involved.  Dorvin thought the idea was sellable but somehow we need to get our foot in the door.


A suggestion was made to target Harrison Miyahira, a local boy gone big with his wireless microphone discovery.  Also Linda Howe with Alexander & Baldwin would be a good source of information.  Dorvin’s nephew, Ralph Overton is 2nd in command at Anheiser Busch for Hawaii.  Perhaps we should approach him about getting the proposal to the right person.


Meeting Adjourned