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Student Tech Fee Guidelines

- Please read before submitting a Fund Proposal

(From University Of Hawaii Board Of Regents authorizing memo)

Revenues derived from the technology fee are intended to augment funds already expended for instructional technology and technology infrastructure.  Technology fee revenues are not to be used to supplant or replace current or future budgets, fund-raising efforts or other income sources for technology support and projects.

Authorized Uses of Technology Fee

  1. Purchase, lease, and maintenance of computer hardware, software, and peripherals. Resources acquired must be routinely available to multiple students in campus public or departmental laboratories or must be a shared resource such as a server or shared resource computer that provides service to, or supports, lab computers, student-owned computers, or student users. Examples include computer hardware, hardware upgrades, application software, software upgrades, licenses, scanners, plotters, laser printers, interface electronics for special needs, color printers, furniture for computer labs, classrooms, backup units, utility and support hardware and software.
  2. Purchase, lease, and maintenance of central or departmental resources that provide, support, or protect access to the campus network from student-owned computers. Examples are modems, terminal adaptors, terminal servers, telephone lines, cable connections network interfaces, routers, bridges, network wiring, diagnostic hardware/software, security software, security systems.
  3. Purchase, lease, and maintenance of instructional technology that substantively improves the learning environment for students. Examples: Digital cameras, computer projection systems, videoconferencing equipment, library technology, electronic subscriptions, electronic classroom technology.

Prohibited Uses of Technology Fee

  1. Purchase, lease, or maintenance of equipment and software not directly used to benefit students. This includes specialized resources primarily used by faculty or only infrequently used by students, computer systems primarily intended to support or conduct administrative business for the institution, and any equipment to be located in the office or on the desk of any individual faculty, staff, administrator, student, etc.
  2. Purchase, lease, or maintenance of equipment primarily intended to support research projects or activities, or grants.
  3. Purchase, lease, or maintenance of miscellaneous items such as: general furniture for offices or classrooms, office supplies, remodeling, travel, photocopying.

To Submit a Proposal for Funds:

If you feel your request meets the above purposes and falls within all guidelines, please click on:

Tech Fee Proposal Form

This is a fillable Word document.
To submit the form, fill out the form on your computer. Save the completed form, and email it as an attachment to:

When purchasing, remember to forward a copy of the purchase order/requisition/vendor invoice for all authorized purchases to