The IDS team is devoted to support and assist the instructors, staff, and students in the development and delivery of comprehensive solutions that make learning most effective, enjoyable, and enduring; while meeting the education technology requirements and pedagogical strategies of today's learning environment.
What Do Students Say About Online Discussion?
Find out and see what undergraduate and graduate students say about Online Discussion in a midsize university study.
Assessments Beyond the Test: Many forms of assessment exist and some traditional assessment methods, such as multiple-choice / true-false or short answer tests or essays tend to be a regular choice for assessment. SEE MORE & DOWNLOAD Resources
Student Computer Purchase Reimbursement
The Graduation Incentive is an option for all students to purchase a new Laptop, Netbook, or iPad with basic capabilities such as word processing, spreadsheet/database, Internet access, and multi-media capable. Students are free to purchase from any brand and model of Laptop, Netbook, or iPad that meets both their educational needs as well as their class and program specifications. For more information CLICK HERE
Laulima Training NOW Available
Laulima (Sakai) is the web-based online course management system used by UH Maui College in face-to-face, hybrid, or distant learning courses, and all instructors should be familiar with using Laulima in their instruction. If you haven't taken a Laulima training session, or are a current user who wants to enhance your knowledge and skill base, REGISTER today!
Polling / Response Clickers Available
Clickers are available for one-time events or semester loan! Poll in ANY PC or Mac application - Expand your interactive presentation capabilities beyond PowerPoint and conduct polling using content in your preferred format - Web browsers, PDFs, Word documents and more. You choose. No preparation necessary.

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... to provide innovative, effective, and sound pedagogical methodologies for instruction through appropriate and engaging educational technologies of the 21st Century.

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