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Laulima is a BIG program, with lots to learn and remember...many have commented they have benefited by going through the series more than once – the first time to learn the tools, the second time to learn more about how to use those tools more effectively and perhaps consider new tools to add to your courses.

Laulima Training Workshop series 8 weekly sessions (including the Overview) hands-on site creation, selecting the best tools for use, course design input.

Session #1:
Pre-Planning & Overview

Session #2:
Getting Started –
Site Info, Profile & Homepage Tools (Syllabus, Announcements, Calendar)

Session #3:
Content –
Simple webpages, WebDAV, Presentation, & Resources

Session #4:
Content –
Narrated PowerPoint, Impatica & Modules

Session #5:
Communication –
Mail, Discussion Board, Chat, Blog, Wiki

Session #6:
Assessment –
Dropbox, Assignments, Polls, Surveys

Session #7:
Assessment –
Testing Tools

Session #8:
Evaluation -
Grading, Gradebook, & Excel

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