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Laptop Graduation Incentive
With the dual goals of having students at the forefront on using technology and to provide incentives for students to achieve their academic goals. UHMC began the Laptop Graduation Incentive this year for all UHMC students who purchase a Laptop, Netbook, MacBook, or iPad after July 1, 2010 for class work in the coming school years.

These students will be eligible for a reimbursement for the cost of their computers upon graduation from UHMC with a Certificate of Achievement, or an Associate degree, or a Bachelor’s degree.

The Laptop Graduation Incentive is supported by a $1.5 million grant from an anonymous donor whose goal is to equip every student with 21st Century tools for learning -- a computer and Internet access.

$400 Reimbursement *
• AAS (Associate in Applied Science)
• AS (Associate in Science)
• ATS (Associate in Technical Studies)
• AA (Associate in Arts)
• BAS (Bachelor of Applied Science)
$200 Reimbursement *
• CC (Certificate of Completion) - Allied Health-Dental Assisting only
• CA (Certificate of Achievement)
• ASC (Academic Subject Certificate) - Liberal Arts-Hawaiian Studies only

*For Non-Resident Alien students, there are additional forms and documents that will be required, and the amount received will be reduced by 30% due to Federal withholdings. Please contact Jessica Bos for more information


1. Purchase Mobile Computer (Laptop/Netbook/MacBook/iPad)
You purchase your mobile computer from the vendor and/or store of your choice.

2. Receipt Verification

Bring purchase receipt, mobile computer, and your UH ID to IDS (Ka’a’ike 206) for verification.

3. Submit Application
Fill out the online Reimbursement application during the last semester prior to graduation.
After you complete the process, Administration will confirm your graduation status. Once the graduation confirmation is complete, a reimbursement check will be sent to you. Normal time for reimbursement check delivery is approximately 6-8 weeks.

Apply for reimbursement during LAST SEMESTER prior to graduation only.

If you purchase a mobile computer (Laptop, Netbook, MacBook, or iPad) after July 1, 2010, you will be eligible to receive a portion of the cost returned to you upon graduation from UHMC with a Certificate of Achievement, or an Associate degree, or a Bachelorʼs degree.

Students who successfully complete all program requirements and graduate from UH Maui College are eligible. A graduate receiving a Certificate of Achievement in a one-year program will be eligible for a $200 payment. A graduate receiving an Associate
ʼs or Bachelorʼs degree will be eligible for a $400 reimbursement. This program is made possible by an anonymous donor whose goal is to equip every student with 21st century tools for learning.

To qualify for the incentive rebate offer, go to the Instructional Design Services office (Ka'a'ike 206) Wednesdays or Thursdays 12pm-1pm to have your purchase verified.

You will need to bring the following for verification:
  • the portable computer purchased
  • the purchase receipt dated on or after July 1, 2010
  • your student ID

Students attending UHMC Outreach sites can have their site Outreach Coordinator verify and scan the purchase receipt, submitting it to the IDS office for you.

You can access discounted computer purchase options at:
This site will be updated as new offers occur.

You are not restricted to what mobile computer to buy. However, Dell has provided UHMC students with a special deal accessible on this site, by clicking on New Special: Dell Netbook and Laptop Offers. You will need your UH username & password to log into the site. Then click on the GREEN “start shopping” button to see UHMC discounted prices.


The graduation incentive is an option for all students who purchase a Laptop, Netbook, MacBook, or iPad with basic capabilities such as word processing, spreadsheet/database, Internet access, and playing media.  Students are free to purchase from whatever brand and model of Laptop, Netbook, MacBook, or iPad that meets both their educational needs as well as their class and program specifications. For more information on campus computer requirements, please check with you instructor or program department, and visit the Laptop Initiative pages

For UHMC students, Dell will continue to provide discounted Netbooks configured to basic UHMC requirements for coursework. Dell is providing Latitude business-class models that meet minimum requirements, although some classes may require additional specific software. The two Dell purchase options are discounted from base prices and include a three-year professional warranty that would normally add $208 to the base price.

UHMC students who already have or are purchasing other mobile computer models should check with their instructors and/or their program regarding requirements for specialized software. 

Students can receive assistance from Computing Services at Ka`a`ike 220, which will provide technical assistance on setting up or inputting necessary software. A schedule for Help Desk hours will be forthcoming.

Incoming students should check with their programs on requirements for the classes they will be taking.  Not all programs require portable computers, but most will require computer skills for research, writing and related assignments.

Before applying for reimbursement, ELIGIBILITY verification of laptop/netbook/macbook/iPad purchase is required.

Apply for reimbursement during LAST SEMESTER prior to graduation only.