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Mobile Computing Initiative

UH Maui College welcomes use of both the PC and Mac operating systems.

It is highly recommended that all UH Maui College students own a mobile computer (a Netbook or Laptop) for use during your academic endeavors. UH Maui College provides a seamless wireless environment for students to access the Internet, e-mail, classmates, library databases and other resources from numerous sites across the campus with your mobile computer.

Using a mobile computer will enrich a students learning experience by exposing them to new technologies in and outside of the classroom, allowing for better access to educational resources, and greater interaction with instructors and classmates.

In many cases, programs and/or courses will require students to use a mobile computer. Not all programs require portable computers, but most will require computer skills for research, writing and related assignments.

Both full and part time students need to check with their program of study and/or the department offering the course enrolled for the computing requirements. Incoming students should check with their programs on requirements for the classes they will be taking before the semester starts

UH Maui College students who already have, or are purchasing PC or Mac laptop or Netbook models other than the
UH Maui College Dell Laptop Offer should check with their instructors and/or their program regarding the requirements.

Students can receive computing assistance from
Computing Services, which will provide technical assistance on setting up or inputting necessary software.
There are two purchase options available for all students enrolled at UHMC:

1) Dell Purchase Option
2) Purchase a new laptop or Netbook from another source not using the UHMC Dell offer that meets the UHMC current laptop requirements.

Dell Purchase Option - For UH Maui College students, Dell will continue to provide discounted laptops or Netbooks configured to basic UHMC requirements for coursework.  Dell is providing Latitude business-class models that meet minimum requirements, although some classes may require additional specific software. The two Dell purchase options are discounted from base prices and include a three-year professional warranty that would normally add $208 to the base price.
Dell offers computers specifically configured for use here at UH Maui College. Your new laptop or Netbook will be pre-loaded with all peripherals and software necessary for your coursework. NOTE: Some courses may require additional or specialized software as a requirement. Students should check with their should check with their instructors and/or their program regarding the requirements, and also review the UH ITS Recommended Software list.
Should you already own a relatively new PC or Mac laptop or Netbook, or choose not to purchase a Dell through the UHMC laptop purchase program, check to see if your Laptop / Netbook meets youor program or course requirements and minimum specifications.
For financial assistance in purchasing your laptop or Netbook, contact the UH Maui College Financial Aid office