UH Maui College Recommended Software

The below list is the standard installed software on campus, and is recommended on all student computers.

McAfee Antivirus
MS Office Suite
Acrobat Reader

Please contact UHMC Computing Services, and or review the UH ITS Recommended Software list for software licenses available to students.

NOTE: Some courses may require additional or specialized software as a requirement. Students should check with their should check with their instructors and/or their program regarding the requirements, and also review the
UH ITS Recommended Software list.

UH ITS Recommended Software
Using ITS supported software is highly recommended. Here are some convenient resources for all your basic needs.

Departmental Site Licenses & Agreements
Agreements between software companies and the UH University system result in software cost savings to you. Check out the Departmental Site Licenses and Agreements details here.

Instructional Strategy
The University of Hawaii Bookstores are another source for discounted and competitively priced software programs available to the University Community. Check out the UH Bookstore Software Price List details here.