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Laptop Initiative FAQ'S
If you purchase a mobile computer (Netbook or Laptop) after July 1, 2010, you will be eligible to receive a portion of the cost returned to you upon graduation from UHMC with a Certificate of Achievement, or an Associate degree, or a Bachelor’s degree.

A graduate receiving a Certificate of Achievement in a one-year program will be eligible for a $200 payment. A graduate receiving an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree will be eligible for a $400 reimbursement. This program is made possible by an anonymous donor whose goal is to equip every student with 21st century tools for learning.

For more information,
Download the Flyer OR visit the UH Maui College online at - select Current Students, and then Buy a PC/Mac to locate the “Graduation Special Offer”. Or go directly to:

Have more questions? Email or call 984-3627

Who is responsible for the purchase of the laptops?

The student is responsible for the purchase of his or her own laptop. There are programs in place to aid the student in saving for their purchase through the student aid or educational discounts from vendors such as Dell, Apple, or other vendors of choice. The UH Bookstore also offers student discounts to students.

Why the Laptop Initiative?

This initiative is to provide UHMC students with several opportunities to enhance their learning experience through the use of information & communication technologies. This will also insure that students will not only experience the benefit of having a personal laptop at college, but also when they graduate into the workforce.

Are all programs requiring laptops?

No. Starting in the Fall of 2010, only those new students enrolling in the Nursing, Dental, and Culinary program will be required to laptops or Notebooks, and/or specialized course-based software.

When do I have to have my laptop?

All students in the programs stated above will need their laptop for first class day in their first semester. Laptops or Notebook are highly recommended for students of other programs.

Where can I purchase my laptop?

UHMC has a partnership with Dell Computers ( for special offers on laptops that meet the UHMC hardware specifications. Laptops can be purchased through their website, and Dell offers financing options for those who might apply.

However, laptops can also be purchased through an outside vendor of the student's choice as long as the minimum hardware requirements are met.

Can I use the laptop I have?

Yes, as long as the minimum hardware & software requirements are met. If your computer does not meet those requirements, in some cases, minor upgrades can be done. You will need to discuss these options with Computing Services.

What about the software?

The student will be responsible for software installed on his or her own computer. However, some course use software that is available for students to log in to through a web browser. In other cases, some course software will need to be purchased from the UHMC Bookstore, or as directed by the program and/or the instructor.

Will I be able to connect to the Internet on campus?

Yes. All UHMC buildings have wireless capability. To connect to network, you will need to authenticate in order to access the Internet. You can do this by opening your web browser and entering your UH Login ID and use your student UH ID as your password. Once this has successfully authenticated, you will then have Internet access for as long as your computer is on.

Where do I get tech support?

Tech support will be provided in the following areas:


Tech Support Issue                

Who's Responsible        

Wireless Connectivity on Kahului Campus, Laulima, Web Browser Issues, Passwords and Login Issues      

Computing Services
Hardware Support for your Laptop            
Laptop Vendor              
Software Vendor
General Student Computer & Laptop Use
Kalama Computer Lab
& The Learning Center (TLC)
General Student Laulima Use
The Learning Center(TLC)
& Kalama Computer Lab