Welcome to the FALL 2010 New Lecturer Orientation:


On behalf on the UH Maui College faculty, administration, and staff, WELCOME to the Spring 2010 semester, and this professional development workshop. This orientation session will focus on many topics we feel may be useful to you in your endeavors here at UH Maui College.

The topic of this New Lecturer Orientation workshop is
Lesson Plans: Building Success in the Classroom, with the focus being on lesson plans and other important elements such as learning outcomes, rubrics, and performance assessment.
Why Do Lesson Plans? Instructors who take the time to draw up lesson plans benefit from the following:

> Provide an excellent basis for discussion between peers, program director and teacher, and teachers and students.

> Invite teachers to be innovative, to consider a variety of approaches, or try new things that might get better results.

> Help teachers be prepared, feel more confident, and deal better with surprises.