Technology Use at UHMC

UH Maui College is a recognized leader in integrating technology with education. With various communication and distant learning delivery methods such as Cable Television classes, Two-way video teleconferencing, Online courses using Laulima/Sakai CMS, and Hybrid classes on campus and at off-campus.

UH Maui College uses computing technologies, communications, and online resources extensively in course instructional methodologies and curriculum. The technology, when used selectively and authentically, can facilitate learning and development of higher-order thinking using instructional methods that support multiple representations of content, options for expressing knowledge, and creative delivery options for engaging learners.

The role of the IDS is to support, research, test, and implement "best practices" use of educational technology in the learning process with the various methods of delivery.


Elluminate is a real-time e-Learning and web collaboration environment accessed through a web browser that includes audio, web video and application sharing.


Laulima Online Courseware

Laulima is the University of Hawaii’s web-based online course management system, utilized by all UH campuses including the community colleges.


TurningPoint Clickers

Student response technology is an effective tool that helps facilitate pedagogical best practices and enhance student learning. Poll in ANY PC or Mac application.



Unlimited number of surveys
-> Putting images and other media files in your survey
-> Randomize questions, responses, or page order
-> More advance skip logic, based on question and/or question piping; also disqualification logic, specialized scoring.