"Clickers" Response System

Thanks to the Federal funding received through Maui Rural Development Project (RDP), UH Maui College is the proud recipient of the audience response software TurningPoint AnyWhere along with 1,000 response devices.

UH Maui College now has the ability to provide easy-to-use interactive polling solutions to its' programs and organizations.

Student response technology is an effective tool that helps facilitate pedagogical best practices and enhance student learning. Poll in ANY PC or Mac application and expand your interactive presentation capabilities beyond PowerPoint.
Departmental Use
Many departments have access to a set of 50 clickers devices. Faculty make arrangements within their department for use of these devices.
Individual or Event Use
If you would like to use Clickers in your class or group event, please contact us to reserve a set of clickers for use.


Transform your classroom into an interactive and engaging learning environment

Experience increased attendance and participation

Create open discussions that are fueled by students

Gauge student understanding instantly with visual charts in real-time

Clicker Friendly Classrooms

The below UH Maui College campus classrooms have Turning Point response software installed.

Computer Classrooms

Laulima 108
Ka Lama 204
Kaaike 107
Kupaa 204
TLC L-02
Ka Lama 201

Ka Lama 206A
Ka Lama 206B
Ka Lama 209
Kaaike 108
Kaaike 219

Classrooms with just a Presentation Computer

Ka Lama 103
Ka Lama 104A
Ka Lama 104B
Ka Lama 107
Ka Lama 108
Ka Lama 109
Kupaa 103

Nursing N-01
Paina 237
Science 11A
Science 12A
Science 20A
Science 21A

Product Guides & Manuals

Online Tutorials

Turning Technologies offers online tutorials for users who want to gain a basic understanding of product features.
*Users must have Flash Player 8.0 or higher to view tutorials.