UH MAui College has acquired an enterprise subscription with the survey website Through this subscription, IDS can issue out a certain number of departmental online surveys accounts to UH Maui College faculty, lecturers, and support staff for research & use.

An IDS SurveyGizmo account will allow faculty, lecturers, and support staff to use Surveygizmo's website to create a variety of online surveys that have different abilities. 

Getting Started

1. Complete the Online Application Form & Submit your copy of IRB Approval (if applicable)
2. Wait to Receive Account confirmation
3. Open Confirmation Email & Log In
4. Start Creating a Survey

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Features You'll Like...

  • Unlimited number of surveys
  • Up to 50,000 respondents per survey
  • Putting images and other media files in your survey
  • Randomize questions, responses, or page order
  • Page skip logic (Create survey branches the old fashion way,jumping between pages.)
  • More advance skip logic, based on question and/or question piping; also disqualification logic, specialized scoring.
  • Likert scale, rating scale, drop down menus, check boxes, radio boxes, text boxes and pretty much any other response format you need.
  • Secure surveys with https://
  • Geo tracking via IP
  • Email invites
  • Export data to CSV, Excel, or SPSS!


Account Application

UH Maui College faculty, lecturers, or support staff may apply for an account by filling out the SurveyGizmo Application Form. This is an interactive web submission form and all required information sections need to be completed.

After a receiving the application & review, IDS will email the applicant with the details of the account including account access, usage, and support information. In the event the request was denied, IDS will provide information explaining the reason for denial, and any possible remedies to allow for approval.

Please note: For ethical considerations and to ensure people who are given an account have a good faith intention of using the account, IDS is recommending applicants submit UH Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval letters, if applicable. Any research concerning human subjects has to be approved by UH IRB. You can read about the IRB and obtain the appropriate forms from the UH IRB

Are You Exempt from IRB Review? If you are using a survey to evaluate products (workshops, training sessions, courses), most likely you ARE exempt and you don't need to file with the IRB. See IRB Exempt Categories for more information.

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UH Maui College Surveygizmo
Usage & Policies

- Service available to any faculty, lecturers, and support staff in good standing and employed with the UH Maui College may apply to use GSA Surveygizmo account.

- Any faculty, lecturers, and support staff who wishes to use the UH Maui College Surveygizmo account must submit a complete application, an IRB approval form (if applicable), and an outline of their study or use.

- The UH Maui Chancellor or Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs may/will only review surveys for the purpose of review to ensure compliance with IRB guidelines. All survey items, data, and other materials created by a faculty, lecturer, or support staff member with the UH Maui College Surveygizmo account will be considered privileged information and IDS will not allow any other to access the account, with exception to reasons stated in paragraph three (3).

- The UH Maui Chancellor or Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs reserves the right to review any survey and stop an applicant's usage at anytime for any reason. Any data gathered will be turned over to the applicant, with the exception of faculty, lecturers, or support staff that are believed to be violating UH IRB procedures, in which case the data will be surrendered to the UH IRB committee.

- Upon completion, all data will be taken (downloaded) by the faculty, lecturers, or support staff and any surveys on the account will be deleted, either by IDS or the UH Maui Chancellor or Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.