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EBSCO Alerts

EBSCOhost users can save valuable time with Search Alerts by creating automatic email deliveries to designated recipients, such as coworkers, faculty or students, of new results for their most recently-conducted search. Alerts emails include links to new articles, and are generated at user-customizable intervals.

EBSCOhost users can also create Journal Alerts. Once set, a Journal Alert will provide automatic email notification whenever a new issue of the designated journal has been added to a specified database(s). Users can customize the duration and frequency of the Journal Alert process, and determine with whom they wish to automatically share the new information.

EBSCO's One-Step RSS Feed Alerts allow users who wish to receive updated EBSCOhost search results on a newsreader or web page to instantly capture a syndicated RSS feed URL whenever they conduct a search in EBSCOhost.

Setting up a Journal Alert

Setting up a Search Alert

Setting up an Alert RSS

If you prefer to view your search alerts via an RSS reader, one-step alerts offer a quick and easy way to obtain the alert syndication feed, which you can then copy into your RSS reader.

Note: Be sure to add the feed to an aggregator within one week of its creation. A one-step alert will not expire unless the aggregator does not automatically update results (extremely unlikely) supplied by the feed for two months.

From the Result List or Search History Screen, click the RSS alert icon, or the RSS Feed link on the Share drop-down menu.


A pop-up screen displays with the search alert information. Copy the RSS Feed URL into your newsreader.


Click the Save Alert button