UHMC Library


Student Group Study Rooms

To book a student studyroom go here.
  1. Our group study rooms are intended for current UHMC student academic use only (including student campus clubs and campus student-led organizations). Faculty, administration, and staff needing spaces should contact their department about finding appropriate spaces to meet their needs.
  2. Group study rooms are for groups of two or more students.
    1. If there is only one person in the room for 15 minutes or more, you may be asked to relocate
  3. You may not enter the room before your scheduled time, even if the room is vacant.
  4. The student who made the reservation must present his UH ID in person at the library circulation desk to check out the room key. He must remain in the study room throughout the reservation. If this student leaves the room for 15 minutes or more, he may forfeit his reservation.
  5. Rooms may be booked up to two weeks in advance.
  6. On any calendar day, you may reserve a maximum of three hours per group, per day.
    1. Groups may reserve time in multiple rooms, but each group is limited to a total of three hours across all its reservations for that day.
    2. If you attempt to exceed these limits, your reservations may be canceled and your time slots will be available to other groups.
  7. The library reserves the right to deny use of the study rooms to anyone, student, or group.
  8. Failure to leave the room clean may result in you and your group being barred from using any library study rooms.
    1. Report all spills to library staff.
    2. Remove all food waste, bottles, cups, etc. Do not leave them in the trash can in the room.
  9. Upon saving your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Save this email. It will be used to settle disputes about who has reserved and has permission to use the room.
  10. You will forfeit your reservation if, the:
    1. group is more than 15 minutes late,
    2. person who booked the rooms leaves the room for 15 minutes or more,
    3. study room is unoccupied during your reservation, or
    4. key is removed from the library.
  11. Make reservations:
    1. online: http://maui-hawaii.libcal.com/
    2. phone - 984-3715
    3. in person at the library circulation desk.
  12. The group rooms are very popular; please cancel your reservation if you will not be using the space. To cancel, call the library circulation desk (984-3715) or click the cancellation link in the booking confirmation email.

Use of the rooms is a privilege, not a right!

The library reserves the right to deny access to these rooms to anyone.

Do not lose this privilege!

updated February 21, 2014