UHMC Library


UHMC Wireless Access

Here you will find instructions on setting up your wireless adapter using the built-in software in the Windows and Mac operating systems.

All three floors of the UHMC Library are wireless access points.

Note: We do not support third party wireless configuration wizards due to the amount of various software applications that are available. Consult the documentation that came with your wireless card to learn how to turn this software off.

General Wireless Setup

What you need:

  • laptop or desktop computer outfitted with a wireless network adapter that is 802.11b/g compatible
  • supported operating system
  • valid UH username and password (same as you use for UH mail and MyUHPortal)
  • be in an area of the campus with wireless access.

When accessing the Internet from a laptop or other mobile device, you will be presented with a login page (shown in the screen-shot below). You will need to enter your UH username and password.


The wireless network at UHMC is equipped with the "wireless pass-through" feature. This feature allows users to register the network hardware address (MAC address) for their laptop, phone, or other mobile device. Thus eliminating the need to log in all the time. Pass-through registration is valid for one year, and may be renewed as necessary.

The URL to register for wireless pass-through is http://www.hawaii.edu/wireless/pt

In order to register for wireless pass-through, you must have your MAC address. Instructions for finding it can be found at http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/1035

Please direct any questions to our helpdesk at 984-3283 ( uhmchelp@hawaii.edu )

If you need help configuring your wireless connection, please contact the UHMC Computing Services' office in Ka‘aike 220 (phone: 984-3283) or the Ka Lama Computer Lab.

updated January 16, 2013