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EOC gives priority to individuals who:

  • Meet federal income guidelines
  • Have parents who did not earn bachelor’s degrees
  • Individuals with military connections


Complete and submit the EOC Request for Service Form

  1. Review and complete the Request for Service Form
  2. Determine dependency (see “Determination of Dependency Status” box on the Request for Service Form.  If you are considered a dependent student for financial aid purposes, you must also include the amount of your parents’ taxable income and a parents signature on the EOC Request for Service Form.
  3. Turn in the Request for Service Form to EOC (office, Ed Centers, H.S. Counselor)
  4. EOC will call to schedule an appointment for accepted applicants and refer non-eligible participants to appropriate resources.

EOC is open to  Maui County residents who have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree and have not yet started taking classes at a post-secondary institution.

We encourage everyone to apply as EOC has a limited space to serve individuals who do not meet the above qualifications.