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Q. Do I have to be part Hawaiian to be in the Ku`ina Program?

A.  The Ku`ina Program is open to YOUTH of any ethnic background.

Q. Would I have to repay any of the money back?

A. No

Q. What is the difference between your program and other student support services on campus?

A. The Ku`ina Program is here to assist youth ages 16-21. The youth can either be in school (high school or post-secondary) or out of school (high school drop out) to receive assistance from our program.

Q.  Is Ku`ina part of UH Maui College?

A. Ku`ina is a Department of Labor funded program that  operates on the UH Maui College campus. Being located at the college is a benefit for our students as we provide access into post-secondary education.

Q. What if I just graduated from high school with good grades, but just can’t afford to pay for college, will the Ku`ina Program still be able to help me?

A. We would encourage you to fill out an application regardless of your grades, because our decision is not based on a single criteria, the whole picture needs to be looked at for us to determine eligibility.

Q. Can I belong to more than one program or support service?

A. Yes, you can be a participant of the Ku`ina Program and others. We encourage you to participate in as many programs that you qualify for.

Q.  Can you pay for tuition cost?

A.  Yes.  All you need to do is fill out the FAFSA form.  We can also offer assistance in in paying for your textbooks, uniforms and other related educational expenses such as a culinary knife set.

Q.  What is your Kulanaa`o Private Housing Award?

A.  If Ku`ina students fulfill program and housing requirements, they may be eligible to receive $500 per semester for Kulanaa`o.