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This 17 year old teenager wanted to get his GED and go to college. The last grade he completed was 7th grade. He had his goals, but lacked the knowledge of resources, the finances and transportation to know where to begin. Before Ambrose was able to get his 4140 from the last school he attended, he was told he must be enrolled in another educational institute. He was then referred to Ku’ina. He was told that this program could assist with him getting his GED, help him with college and possibly find him a job. Ambrose contacts the Ku’ina Program in February 2009.

Ambrose was enrolled in Ku’ina in April 2009. With the guidance and support from the program staff, Ambrose was enrolled at Maui Community School for Adults and started attending GED classes by May 2009. Ambrose was eligible to receive bus passes through the program which allowed him to be able to commute from the other side of the island to attend classes. Ambrose was so determined and confident that he was going to get his GED by August, that he also registered for college courses at UH Maui College which was to start in August 2009. Ku’ina provided Ambrose with Study Skills workshops, Study Hall and one on one tutoring in the classes he was struggling with.

Ku’ina participant, Ambrose, earned his GED in September 2009. In addition to attaining his GED, in one year’s time, he has also earned four Culinary Certificates. He has been provided with internships and work experience in his field of interest. Ambrose is currently enrolled at UH Maui College working towards earning his AAS in Culinary.