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Originally from the island of Oahu, Christina relocated to Maui because she needed to make a change in her life. She enrolled at the University of Hawaii Maui College in spring of 2008 where she wanted to attain a degree to become a Dental Hygienist. Christina felt that it was going to be difficult for her because she had no financial support. In addition, she needed guidance with achieving her goals.

Christina enrolled in the Ku`ina Program, which gave her the guidance that she needed to fulfill her career goals. The program has helped her financially with tuition fees, classes and attendance to neighbor island conferences. These conferences gave Christina add knowledge to help her meet her educational goals.

Not only has Christina accomplished many of her educational goals with the help of the Ku’ina Staff, but she has developed life-long friendships through participating in Ku’ina activities. In fall 2009, she graduated with her certificate in Dental Assisting and is now a certified Dental Assistant. She is now on the road to fulfilling her dream in becoming a Dental Hygienist. Christina has applied to get into the Dental Hygienist program at program at the University of Hawaii Maui College and is looking for a dental assisting position.