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To get away from negative influences Maisie dropped out of high school. Soon she found that she needed to get some work experience if she wasn’t going to complete her high school education. All Maisie knew was that she was interested in working with plants from the experiences she had learning from her grandmother as she was growing up.

Maisie was introduced to the Ku’ina program and was immediately interested in the services they provided. She got involved with the work experience program Ku’ina provided and gained work experience as a ground maintenance worker at the University of Hawaii Maui College.

Maisie now has work experience to build on and some sense of direction in her life. Ku’ina has also helped her stay on track and she has learned to keep a positive attitude which has made her a happier person. Maisie has returned to high school to get her diploma and intends to attend the University of Hawaii Maui College to attain a degree in agriculture. Ku’ina has changed her life for the good and she would like to thank the Ku’ina staff for making her a different person.