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Peni comes from a single parent home on the island of Hilo. Wanting to make a better life for himself, his mother, and his three brothers Peni began attending a trade school. That is where he learned about solar energy and was determined to enroll in the University of Hawaii Maui College’s Sustainable Construction Technology Program. Without financial support to relocate to Maui to go to college, Peni had no direction to fulfill his educational and career goals.

When Peni learned about the Ku’ina Program, he built the courage to take the opportunity to continue his education and relocate to Maui. Ku’ina assisted him financially with his books and supplies, but even more importantly helped motivate to help him succeed.  By providing study hall and study skills workshops, Ku’ina has also helped Peni stay on track with his studies. Peni is not only on his way to but also his Bachelor’s degree.

Peni is close to earning his Associates Degree in Sustainable Construction Technology and has acquired a job in his field. With encouragement and dedication Peni is will succeed at helping his family.  He is grateful to be a part of the Ku’ina Program and would recommend others who are looking for a good opportunity to consider joining the Ku’ina Program.