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These workshops were designed to provide students with the skills and attitudes necessary for academic success.   Workshops are held at The Learning Center.

Boot Up the Computer

Explore the information technology that is required of you as an MC student. This will be a practical hands-on opportunity to help you access Laulima, My UH Portal, and your email account.

Listening and Note Taking

Listening and good note taking skills are keys to studying. This workshop will provide you with ways to enhance your listening and will show you how to take and use your notes effectively.

Using Your Time Wisely

Do you say to yourself, “I’m so busy and I still can’t seem to get everything done?”  Organizing and managing time is an essential element to success.  This workshop will provide useful tips on how to spend your time wisely in your role as a college student.

Tips and Hints for Taking an Exam

To do your best on a test you must know your subject content and have a strategy for taking the test that allows you to “show” what you “know.”  In this workshop you will learn valuable tips to use during your exams.

Writing a Research Paper

Learn skills needed to write a research paper.  This workshop will focus on choosing an effective topic, getting organized, researching, and producing an academic paper. The tips for an effective paper will save you time and make the process of writing more rewarding.

Research Strategies for the Online World

When should I use a website for my assignment?  How can I tell if a website is legitimate?  How can I search the Internet better and faster?  Discover the answers to these questions and more.