External Scholarships

External Scholarships

SallieMae scholarship search database is a gives student “free” access to over 5 million scholarships offering free money for college. Students get matched to scholarships that met their financial and academic needs. The database will give them specific details on each scholarship which include deadlines, requirements and award amounts.

Fastweb is a website that students can search their database for college information, scholarships and career advice. Fast web makes it easy and fast for students to do searches for scholarships, internship opportunities and even deals and promotions for students.


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Disclaimer: The purpose of this scholarship database is to aid your scholarship search by providing you information of local scholarship opportunities that are available for higher education. Use caution when researching scholarships and be wary of scams. There are websites out there posing to be scholarship applications. Please note, for security purposes, links are not provided on this page. If you are interested in a particular scholarship, we highly encourage you to contact that scholarship program and inquire with them on your own.